We are very excited to share the news that our insulated waxed canvas lunch bag has been picked by ODE MAGAZINE as one of the best lunch bags available on Amazon. ODE MAGAZINE has made this list of lunch bags considering different factors, such as the quality of the product, usability and functionality, and features.

Being the only waxed canvas lunch bag nominated in this top, we're very happy to receive this distinction. This is an honor for us to be able to stand ahead of giant brands that have been selling for many years.

We've been in the market of waxed canvas lunch bags for quite a while, being obsessed to bring professional life-lasting solutions and deliver the best products on the market.

Besides creating top-quality lunch bags, our goal is to also assist you to eat healthy every day, at your workplace. We deliver the best-waxed canvas lunch bags in order to provide you with the best lunching experience. In our Blog section, we want to start posting useful content on how you can eat healthier during your lunch breaks.

Also, we would like to offer you some tips and tricks on how to enjoy your waxed canvas lunch bag for years to come.

Sometimes when you fold, pack or scratch the lunch bag, white stripes might appear on its surface. The discolored stripes are actually wax stripes and it is perfectly normal for your waxed canvas lunch bag to react like this.

Because we use a special type of wax on the surface of your lunch bag called environmental wax, which can have its shape, color, and form modified when it's heated, ALL you need to do is using your hairdryer for a couple of minutes.

A hairdryer will melt down the wax layer on the surface and it will automatically distribute the wax all over the surface of the bag. In this way, all of the white spots/lines will be covered. Repeat this anytime you want!

Even if this is more an informative post, we would like to express our gratitude towards our customers for taking the time to share with us amazing reviews, like for example this one where our product was nominated to win the Oscars for the lunch bags.

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