Quick and Healthy Lunches For Work You can Try This Summer!

I'll be honest. My obsession with healthy lunch ideas for work started when I discovered there was something called lunch bags for women. Yes, you read that right. 

Apparently there were some amazing insulated lunch bags that caught my attention and somehow I was inspired to make my own lunches.

Well that happened to be my motivation story. But seriously, having easy healthy lunches for work is one of the most rewarding experiences. The sense of ownership while taking care of your health is an amazing experience. 

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work 

If you are also on the hunt for healthy meals for work, then keep reading to find some amazing healthy lunch ideas for work! Plus some amazing lunch recipes!

1. Sandwiches, Wraps and Rolls!

If you are a newbie in the world of making healthy lunches then this is your starter pack. Sandwiches, wraps and rolls. The easiest duo as a starter lunch for you. Well, if you are frowning at the thought of having a sandwich, hold that thought. Here are some easy hearty healthy sandwich ideas. 

  • Homemade Falafel Wrap - the first thing I learnt was to make these small round balls of salty delight. Made out of chickpeas and herbs, freeze them in your freezer and simply bake them in the morning when preparing your lunch. Place over a flatbread and top off with a bit of hummus, pickled onions and fresh vegetables for a tangy kick!
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich - grill a small chicken breast piece and chop it into bite size chunks. Next, cut lettuce, baby tomatoes, cucumbers and add 2 tbsps of caesar salad dressing. Now give it all a good mix and store this mixture in fridge upto 4 days. Stuff this chicken mixture it in two slices of bran bread and put it in your lunch bag. 
  • Veggie Spring Rolls - for a fresh light lunch, veggie spring rolls are the best option. All you have to do is stuff some carrots, pickled cucumbers, noodles, avocado and peanut butter sauce in rice paper. Keep an extra dash of peanut sauce to dip your rolls. 
  • Lettuce Rolls Up - came across this type of lunch by my sheer laziness! Just simply placed some leftovers in a lettuce and secured them with a toothpick and packed them with chilli sauce for dipping. Ta-da! Simple, easy and convenient. 

2. A Toss it All in Kinda Salad Bowls 

If there is one healthy lunch idea that will always workout in your favour is to toss it all in salad. These recipes are simply delicious! Whether your palette for that day is to stay light or to catch-up on your proteins, this is one of the finest options for a good lunch option. 

  • Mediterranean Salad- the easiest, most healthy and tasty salad of all times. Take chickpeas as your base. Next add chopped cucumbers, gherkins, avocado, tomatoes, onions and dates. Add in some shredded smoked chicken for an extra kick of protein. Next layer your salad with dried fruits and nuts. Now prepare a healthy dressing. Whip some olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Toss this all up and you are good to go. If you want to go an extra mile, add in some figs for the real middle eastern kick! 
  • Sesame Noodles - the easiest, healthy and delicious toss. Fry some garlic in a pan, add in some chilli flakes, sweet chilli sauce, salt and sesame oil. Now toss in noodles and for a healthy balance add in some broccoli. 
  • Feta Pasta Salad - all you’d need will be feta cheese, vegetables, herbs and any pasta of your choice. You can go an extra mile with some tangy dressing for a delightful taste. 
  • Buddha Bowls- these are my favourite. I mean just talking about it makes my mouth watery. If you don't know what buddha bowls are. Allow me to take the lead here; Buddha bowl is a conisou portion size eating, where you have a base, vegetable, protein and a vibrant dressing. Some popular options for buddha bowls are quinoa base, chicken as protein or beans if you're a vegetarian, fresh avocados as healthy fat and zesty lemon dressing. 

3. Reheatable Soups!

When it's cold, all you want is soup. But you may not always take it to lunch, because carrying them around is not always portable. I mean this is where I would seriously ask you to consider getting yourself lunch bags for women (Hey! Even if you are a man). The insulated lunch bag, will ensure your soup is warm, hearty and delicious to eat. Some good choices for soup can be;

  • Lentils 
  • Vegetable Soup (Tomatoes and pumpkin are some popular choices)
  • Cream of Chicken Soup 
  • Thai Noodle Soup 

4. Currys 

We can never forget of currys when it comes to good lunches. Given how easy and not to forget tasty they are, currys can last you an entire week if you are a very busy person. Making a curry is so stinky easy! You’ll probably end up doing a curry meal prep every other week!  

5. Healthy Jar Lunches 

Just very similar to a toss it all bowl, jar lunches are the new rising trends in lunches for work. One of my all time go to jar recipes is to whip some quick oats, milk, a dab of peanut butter and some blueberries. Another quick and easy option for lunch can be making a taco jar lunch. Chop some fresh lettuce, put it at the bottom of lettuce, add some shredded chicken, hot salsa, sour cream and some tortilla chips for an on the go kinda lunch. 

What should I eat for lunch?

You should always balance out your meals according to your daily activity. If your daily routine requires heavy physical work then you must keep a good portion of carbs and proteins in your lunch. Otherwise you can opt for light lunches for a regular day. 

What time should you eat lunch?

You should eat your lunch within 6 hours after having your breakfast. If you are an early riser then your lunch hours can be in between 12-1pm.

How to keep food warm for lunch?

There are many insulated lunch boxes out there. If you are a lady worker then you can look for the best lunch bags for women at Asebbo to keep your healthy meals for work warm and fresh.