Quick and Easy Healthy Lunches for Weight Loss This Summer

Eating a well-balanced meal for lunch can be a challenge when you want to lose weight. Having the right portion of carbs, lean meats and moderate fat can help in weight loss. 

However being on the go everyday makes lunch a bit of a challenge.

Preparing your own lunches can be a rewarding experience especially if you want to have a healthy lunch for weight loss. 

Having a go to lunch ideas list can come in quite handy during your weight loss journey. This way you not only avoid eating out but can also be creative in your daily routine. 

If you are looking for healthy lunch ideas, here is our extensive guide of different recipes that can help you to lose weight this year. 

Plant Based Lunch Ideas 

When looking for healthy lunch for weight loss, plant based lunch recipes are often the least of your choice. However, adding vegetables and fruits in your diet can speed up your weight loss process. Studies show that vegetable based diets have aided in weight loss over time. 

Here are our top 5 picks of healthy lunch ideas that are easy to make yet delicious to eat.


Tomato soup, squash soup, lentil soup, there is so much you can do when it comes to soup. You can make them ahead of time and reheat them whenever you want to eat. You can even freeze them after creating a big batch. Soups are one of the best foods to balance all essential nutrients in one big bowl. If you are looking for some soup ideas, read recipes on soups you can try for a healthy lunch for weight loss.  

Chickpea Salads and Sandwiches 

If not entirely a superfood, chickpeas are the best for you in weight loss. They are filling and very low on calories. Chickpeas are loaded with essential nutrients like vitamins and fiber that make them an ideal food for weight management. And the best part about them is eating them on its own or tossing them in salads or sandwiches for a quick filling lunch!

Veggie wraps

What's better than tossing all the colorful veggies in one big tortilla wrap? Veggie wraps are the easiest lunch idea you can try without putting in much effort. All you have to do is saute some leftover vegetables you have in your fridge and drizzle any low calorie sauce you have at home. You can also use a separate low-fat dressing to make your wraps more flavorful.  

Black Beans Bowls

Ever heard of buddha bowls? Well black bean bowls are also another alternative of buddha bowls just with a vegetable kick. Beans are rich in proteins and perfect for people who want to switch from meats to plant based diets without having to compromise on their protein intake. Simply tossing in some salsa with beans can create a tasteful and quick salad for a healthy lunch. 

Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet Potatoes make a great base for any dish. If you want to skip on your rice while keeping yourself full, then sweet potatoes are the perfect pick for you. With their sweet tang deliciousness, you can create any healthy lunch. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A while being a powerhouse of fiber. Eating sweet potato baked chips as a healthy lunch for weight loss? Not a bad idea at all!

Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Some people have better metabolic activity when they consume less carbs. Keto diets and low carb diets have been a successful hit and have helped people lose weight in less time. There are some solid studies that also backup the role of a low carb diet in rapid weight loss. If you also want to give a low carb diet for weight loss a try, here are some recipes you can try this year. 

Cauliflower as Alternative to Rice 

One of the healthiest alternatives for weight loss is cauliflower. Cauliflowers are not only low in carbs but also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for a strong immune system, skin and wound healing and other body functions. You can always opt for grated cauliflower and bake it to use it as a replacement for rice bowl. 


Tuna is one the highest healthy foods for weight loss. Not to mention how delicious and fulfilling it is. One helping of tuna can keep you full and satiated for long hours without being heavy on your tummy. 

What's best about tuna is how you can stuff it into any form for a healthy lunch. If you are not avoiding gluten then you can prepare a mixture of tuna with light mayonnaise and vegetables for a light sandwich. If you do not want to eat bread, you can also take bell peppers to stuff tuna mixture in. 


One of the best healthy lunches for weight loss is no doubt having eggs for your lunch. They are again very high in protein and you can have them to lose weight. Boiled eggs are the best form to consume eggs. 


Eggplant is a starchy vegetable which makes it an ideal food item for weight loss. You can try fun recipes with eggplant. You can use it to make eggplants as a pizza surface or use them as baked chips to munch on when you are feeling hungry out of the blue. If you are looking for vegetarian options as one of your low carb eating options, eggplants are the best options to have. 

Diabetic Healthy Lunch for Weight Loss

If you are diabetic, then packing healthy lunches for weight loss can be quite tricky. But worry not, here are some delicious healthy lunches you can pack for a quick and light lunch. 

Lemon Chicken Quinoa Salad 

Quinoa is your best friend when it comes to easy and quick lunches. They are well balanced in having the right amount of fibre and carbs that is crucial for your health if you are diabetic. Lemon and chicken will add a tasteful kick to your quinoa bowl. You can add more veggies and other plenty ful flavors from lemon juice and parsley.

Black Bean Soup 

Black beans are very rich in proteins, all the while keeping your diabetes in control while helping you lose weight. Black beans are rich in folate and vitamin B12 that is important for body cell development. If you are an expecting mother who is struggling with keeping the sugar in control, then black bean soup can be a great dietary option for you. 

What is an Ideal Lunch for Weight Loss during Summers? 

Summers are often taken as an ideal time for losing weight and achieving the perfect summer ready body. The best form of lunches for summers are light and cooling foods. Cucumbers, melons, and watermelons are the best example for healthy lunches for weight loss. Such choices of foods can also be ideal things to put in lunch boxes as a side dish. For example, cucumber sticks with light oil hummus can be the right form of lunch for cool breezy summers. 

Healthy Lunch Options for Work to Lose Weigh

Losing weight can be challenging when you spend long hours at work. Some healthy lunch options to lose weight can be having a mix of nuts, vegetable sticks and light digestive biscuits for snacks. Soups, salads, sandwiches and light wraps can be your go to lunch options that pair up well with these snacks. 

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch Bag? 

Packing a healthy lunch box can be a challenge or a fun activity, given how you see it. When you are looking for healthy lunches for weight loss, here is a list you can always tally against while preparing your lunch. 

  • Always choose 1 fresh fruit 
  • Make room for at least 2 fresh vegetables 
  • Choose 1 healthy protein 
  • Choose 1 healthy low carbohydrate 
  • Having a small portion of dairy if you like 

Presentations and themes really matter when it comes to eating healthy lunches. So try different theme cuisine for your healthy lunch options. 

Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags 

To give a boost to your health, enjoy plastic free lunch times with eco-friendly lunch bags

While you are on your mission to reduce weight with healthy lunches make sure to enjoy Plastic Free lunchtimes with eco friendly lunch bags. One of the main reasons for unhealthy bodies is our choice of utensils

Apart from being non-biodegradable, plastic also poses some serious health hazards. Plastic lunch boxes release toxic chemicals like BPA, PVS, and phthalates into the food stored in them. Those chemicals when ingested cause us to have serious health issues like cancer, blood pressure, hormonal issues, or even a heart attack

Since lunches are often the highlight of our day with more crockery usage, eco-friendly lunch bags are much preferable than the regular ones!