9 Reasons Why I Switched to an Insulated Lunch Bag and Here is Why Should You

If you have been aiming to prepare more lunches at home and have successfully followed through. Well done, you are through the first process. 

Now if you are facing the trouble of finding the perfect sustainable lunch bag for you, but just cannot come to a conclusion. Well then, hold up, here are my proven solid reasons for why you should opt for an insulated lunch bag. 

1. I like My Food at Its Right Temperature 

My palette works according to my food temperature. I can only have pastas when they are cold and can only be seen anywhere near a soup when it is super hot. Now when it comes to keeping the food and beverage at the close temperature, your conventional food bags don't really do much of a job. 

One of the other reasons why I love an insulated lunch bag for adults so much is its stylish outlook. You can maintain its temperature while still not being shy about carrying a lunch bag to lunch. Now how cool is that? 

Insulated bags do not have to be lunch bags only. You can use them for string multiple purposes. The reason it regulates the temperature of food so well makes it an ideal lunch bag for picnics, small get together and also as a travel lunch insulated bag. 

2. Eco-friendly Lunch 

We all know how carrying your food in plastic is harmful for your health. What?! You don't know that? Okay let me give you a little recap of why plastic is a very bad option for your health. Plastic apart from being non biodegradable also releases harmful toxins that are cancerous in nature. 

Therefore carrying your food in plastic lunch boxes can be hazardous for your health. Insulated lunch bags for adults are more rigid and resistant than plastic. It can easily adapt to very hot dishes without going soft or wiggly the way plastic does. 

Also as a lunchbox for adults, these insulated bags are made out of fine cloth that holds the weight really well. Moreover these eco-friendly lunch boxes also last you much longer than any other conventional pick. 

3. One Bag can Last you Long 

I still have my first cloth lunch box bag from high school and back then eco-consciousness was not even a thing. Just picked it up as a fashion statement and it still keeps my cold sandwich cold after 8 hours! Investing in a good insulated adult lunch bag can last you a very long day. 

I mean all the plastic madness that goes into choosing a new lunchbox every year for my kids is absolutely an environmental wreck. Not only will it be a favour for the environment but it will also save you alot. 

4. Keeps your Food Fresh 

One of the main reasons why temperature regulation is the best feature key of insulated bags is because the food stays fresh. You get to savour your hot BBQ ribs even after hours. 

One of the reasons why lunch times are super boring is because we crave for that fresh hot served food and that never happens at offices even when you carry your own lunch! Insulated bags for adults make your lunch times much easier now! Having the feeling of being served fresh food is simply amazing. 

5. Free of any Unwanted Chemicals

Simply the thought of having certain chemicals released in your food just because you placed them in plastic or steel is no less than a nightmare. Insulated bags are especially designed with their double technology to not only keep the food warm but also protect against any harmful chemicals. 

These lunches are BPA-free and do not have to make you worry about making the food go bad. In fact, most often when we keep our lunches, especially sandwiches, in plastic boxes for long, you might find fungus moles getting all over your sandwich. This hardly ever happens with a good insulated lunch bag. 

6. Gentle on our Environment

Lush leather bags with double coated aluminium coating inside i mean just the sound of it makes this a super attractive lunch bag. You get to choose your very own colour and might even get it customised if you want to go an extra mile. 

And the best thing is it is not going to harm our planet. We don't have to worry about throwing away piles of disposable plastic boxes and then letting our generations live through the nightmare of an environmental crisis. 

7. Carry them in Style Anywhere Anytime!

What's more amazing than a portable adult bag? I mean that seems like a good thrill when you are adulting. Insulated lunch boxes for adults are neither too big or small that makes them the perfect fit for your office bag. 

Some of these amazing designs have their own unique styles that you can carry on its own without having to adjust it in some other space. 

8. Versatile Use 

Who said such trendy looking lunch bags can only be your work buddies? How about rocking them as a beach drink cooler? Or storing last night's leftovers! The interior of the lunch boxes are to keep these lunches dry. You can even make these as your shopping buddies. 

Sometimes we have to carry some grocery items that need to be kept at low temperatures and certainly our old plastic chopping bags cannot effectively seal the deal. This is where these insulated cloth made lunch boxes become more than their lunch carriers. 

9. Never Leaks!

I am a big soup person, (you can already tell) and not having my soups warm and sloppy is a big pet peeve that can easily ruin my day. When I discovered these insulated lunch bags for adults. I had my concerns. 

If it's made of cloth, somehow it can be more leaky than my average container. Well to my delight, quite the opposite. The amazing aluminium foil inside gives the perfect resistance for any liquid form to create any form of spillage. 

Now of course since insulated bags are reusable bags, most people get confused between never washing them or washing them all the time. Some of the most common questions that come with washing insulated bags are; 

  • can you machine wash insulated lunch bags?
  • can you put an insulated lunch bag in the dryer?
  • can i put a lunch bag in the washing machine?

Here are a few tips that you can opt for to clean or wash your lunch bag on a regular basis without overdoing it. 

Keeping these bags washed is important if you want to keep your food fresh and at the right temperature. 

Machine Wash

First things first. There is a misconception that goes around insulated lunch bags that they cannot be machine washed. I am here to tell you that they can be. Here is how you can clean yours too. All you have to do is keep a designated day aside from your week to keep your routine simple; 

  • Clean out any leftovers in the lunch bag. 
  • Make sure it is completely free of any lunch items. 
  • Next put your bag into a cold water setting with a very mild detergent to maintain the bag's quality. 
  • Once the washing cycle is completely take the bag out 

Now you might be confused about drying the lunch bag. Air drying the lunch bag seems like the right option in order to maintain the bag’s structure and size.

Hand Wash

The second method is the most recommended one. Hand washing your insulated bags will be gentler on the quality of the bag than the washing machine. It will also maintain the health of the bag for a longer period of time. For hand washing your bag all you need is; 

  • Soap and water 
  • Fill your sink with warm water and the right amount of dish detergent. 
  • Use a gentle soap cloth to wash the insulated bag. Make sure to scrub the interior and the exterior of the bag well. 
  • Rinse your bag and let it dry overnight 

Now that you are fully convinced, let me know how your experience with your first ever insulated bag for adults goes through! Hoping you had as much fun and comfort as I did!